Sponsored Freebies

Designmoo is the latest, greatest destination for discovering and sharing high-quality design resources on this side of the planet. We are now welcoming exclusive freebies from corporate sponsors.

Offering exclusive freebies on Designmoo can generate loads of traffic over a long period of time as well as build a solid relationship with our dedicated community of designers.

How does it work?

It’s very easy and best of all, it’s free! All you have to do is:

  1. Contact Us before you intend to upload a freebie to let us know what you intend to upload (or to ask questions about what might be most effective).
  2. Send us your freebie’s original artwork file, a 400×300 preview image, your promotional copy (less than 200 words, please) as well as a small graphic that will be shown next to the preview image. view example
  3. Get your freebie approved by our community manager.
  4. That’s all!

What’s the Benefit?

  • Your resource will be featured as “Resource of the Day” at peak traffic time (on a Monday or Tuesday).
  • Resource page will be branded with your company’s logo and short blurb with text link to the URL of your choice.
  • 400×300 preview image and short blurb included in our Weekly Moosletter sent to over 1,000 designers.
  • Branding/promotional copy included in source artwork.

Does our Freebie have to be Exclusive?

Yes. By offering your freebie exclusively on Designmoo, you will see better results in both brand recognition and traffic to your resource. Our community of designers loves exclusivity and quality. By presenting your brand as an exclusive Designmoo Sponsor, you strengthen our brand and your own at the same time.

By sponsoring a free resources, you can connect with an audience of designers by sharing resources they find extremely valuable. By offering great resources to a captive audience, you can not only get eyeballs on your product, but you can build a dedicated following.

What if we Want to Update our Sponsorship Creative or Copy Text?

Just get in touch and we’ll get you taken care of. You’re not locked in to anything that can’t be modified.