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Circular preloaders

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    Wow! These are the circular preloaders posted at Premium Pixels only a little bit different. Even the colors look the sameā€¦ Bad ripoff!

    1216 days ago
  2. Avatar of belkinserge

    Hey hey, my preloaders released earlier, look here http://belkinserge.livejournal.com/ And Orman’s loaders don’t look perfect, unfortunately =)

    1215 days ago
  3. Avatar of Daniel Gtz. Gileta
    Daniel Gtz. Gileta

    Nice preloaders, I was definetly looking for somthing like this. Will be useful on my current project :)

    1215 days ago
  4. Avatar of Markos

    Really nice work! Orman has a different style. Its all about having an eye for detail and belkinserge has it!

    1214 days ago

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