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Pattern Kit One: “Ribbon Dancer”

Pattern Kit One: "Ribbon Dancer"
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  1. Avatar of Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace

    Wow, that’s… awesome.

    1051 days ago
  2. Avatar of Dean

    Nice, that one looks wonderful. Thought I saw it on Dribbble! Love it.

    1050 days ago
  3. Avatar of Seth Nickerson
    Seth Nickerson

    Thanks guys!

    1030 days ago
  4. Avatar of Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira

    Very very very awesome. Congrats

    1024 days ago
  5. Avatar of duotono

    Tu trabajo es muy bueno, gracias.

    856 days ago
  6. Avatar of Joel Perrego
    Joel Perrego

    very nice

    260 days ago

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