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Awesome book icon

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  1. Avatar of Artur Tomaszewski
    1322 days ago
  2. Avatar of Artur

    Artur Tomaszewski, thank You!

    1322 days ago
  3. Avatar of Tami

    Oooooh these are great!

    1322 days ago
  4. Avatar of Saad

    It’s really nice artur
    thank you :)

    1322 days ago
  5. Avatar of
    Ethan Kramer


    1322 days ago
  6. Avatar of Artur

    Ethan Kramer, Saad, Tami, Thank you very match)

    1321 days ago
  7. Avatar of Maximilian

    Hey Artur. May I use these for the new intro-graphic of http://maxlabs.de ?

    1321 days ago
  8. Avatar of Artur

    Hello, Maximilian!
    Of course! It’s absolutely for FREE

    1321 days ago
  9. Avatar of zeromiledesign

    love this. very well done!

    1317 days ago
  10. Avatar of Artur

    Thank You :-)

    1317 days ago
  11. Avatar of Gianluca Divisi
    Gianluca Divisi

    Definitely reminds me of this famous icon http://drbl.in/rZw
    in your shoes, I would put credit ;-)

    1270 days ago
  12. Avatar of Artur

    Gianluca Divisi, ideas soar in the clouds…everything has already once come up with

    1265 days ago
  13. Avatar of Sarabi
    891 days ago
  14. Avatar of Szalai Gergő
    Szalai Gergő

    Thank you Artur, nice icon, but the file not found, please fix it.

    683 days ago

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