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Bright 3D Buttons

Bright 3D Buttons
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  1. Avatar of Matt Graham
    Matt Graham

    I’d love to see where / if you’ve used these buttons in the wild. Let me know! Set them free!

    1106 days ago
  2. Avatar of Edi Budimilic
    Edi Budimilic

    Hi Matt, just wanted to let you know I’ve set them free on gPlusify.me

    I’m building a page on gPlusify with a ‘thank you’ note were I’ll mention you and the buttons.

    Thank you for awesome buttons! :)

    988 days ago
  3. Avatar of cyrus

    We are using it on WPJEDI.com for deep links. These are brilliant :)

    721 days ago
  4. Avatar of David

    download link is broken it seems

    453 days ago
  5. Avatar of Derf

    Here’s an updated version of the button with a nice shadow: http://jsfiddle.net/nq7ja/3/

    344 days ago
  6. Avatar of Matt Graham
    Matt Graham

    Looks like the download is broken here is the original file: http://c.gr4m.com/3j0h0b23111B

    55 days ago

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