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  1. Avatar of Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace

    These are so awesome, Gedy. Thanks for sharing with us all!

    1160 days ago
  2. Avatar of Gedy Rivera
    Gedy Rivera

    My pleasure! :) So glad you like them. Means a lot coming from you sir.

    1160 days ago
  3. Avatar of Rich Hemsley
    Rich Hemsley

    Heck yeah! I’m not even a baseball fan but I love these.

    1160 days ago
  4. Avatar of Gedy Rivera
    Gedy Rivera

    Thanks Rich! You can use it for any sport. Just replace it with your photo of choice & favorite team logo.

    1160 days ago
  5. Avatar of Aaron Nichols
    Aaron Nichols

    Oh man, how long until Rich turns this into his personal business card?

    1160 days ago
  6. Avatar of Cindy


    1158 days ago
  7. Avatar of Eric

    These are fantastic and will work great for my son’s baseball team!

    Thanks for sharing these, Gedy.

    1154 days ago

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