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Small Icons

Small Icons
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  1. Avatar of Xavier Veyrat
    Xavier Veyrat

    Thanks a Lot !

    1165 days ago
  2. Avatar of Jack Thomas
    Jack Thomas

    These are really nice. I would really love it if you could point me somewhere, where I can find full psds for the House icon, yellow id tags and the wand icons. Thanks

    1165 days ago
  3. Avatar of Artur

    thank you!

    1164 days ago
  4. Avatar of Bady

    thanks for sharing! amazing work

    1162 days ago
  5. Avatar of Charles Zink
    1151 days ago
  6. Avatar of Emil Baehr
    Emil Baehr

    You just totally ripped off my icons. Asshole! Seriously.

    1072 days ago
  7. Avatar of Jordan

    Hey can I use these on my site?

    896 days ago

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