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Simple Social Icons PSD

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  1. Avatar of Kamil Khadeyev
    1379 days ago
  2. Avatar of Umar Irshad
    Umar Irshad

    thanks Kamil :)

    1379 days ago
  3. Avatar of
    Emilio Mees

    This is really nice work their…
    Love the “Pressed in” Effect.

    Followed + Liked!

    1378 days ago
  4. Avatar of Umar Irshad
    Umar Irshad

    Thank you Emilio :)

    1347 days ago
  5. Avatar of ICE-T

    So very cute.

    1216 days ago
  6. Avatar of Robert Snow
    Robert Snow

    These are great :D

    1166 days ago
  7. Avatar of Mohammed

    Is this not available anymore?
    the download leads to a “file not found” :(

    665 days ago

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