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Social Media Buttons #1 – Dark Theme

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    Download is impossible.
    I would like to use a beautiful button.
    It is regrettable.

    903 days ago
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    chika -

    I don’t know if your difficulty with download has been solved, however this is what I encountered when downloading:

    I use a macbook pro for starters. Clicking the download button sent me to an html page so I hit ctrl+click and selected “download linked file.” After it downloaded, there were two “types” associated with the file: .psd and .html, so if you didn’t change the filename, it would have looked like: bw0003.psd.html .

    In order to use the buttons, then, what you can do is download the file the way I did and then go to the location where it downloaded to modify the file. This can be done by selecting the filename so that you can manually edit it, and then just delete the “.html” portion of the filename.

    Even reading this back to myself, it sounds a little confusing, so if you need any help, please feel free to let me know!



    714 days ago

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