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Hand-Crafted Wood Texture

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  1. Avatar of Umar Irshad
    Umar Irshad

    Great :D

    1175 days ago
  2. Avatar of Matthew Skiles
    Matthew Skiles

    Thanks Umar.

    1175 days ago
  3. Avatar of Hal Borland
    Hal Borland

    This is Awesome!

    1174 days ago
  4. Avatar of Charles Zink
    Charles Zink

    This is fantastic. Used it on my site: http://www.charleszink.com/ – How would you like accreditation? I can put something in the footer or top corner with a link to your site if you’d like.

    1151 days ago
  5. Avatar of Matthew Skiles
    Matthew Skiles

    @Charles – Thanks dude. No credit is required man :)

    1150 days ago
  6. Avatar of Christian

    Really like this. I was looking for wood textures, and this was the first that took my eyes. Thank you very much for sharing this :-)

    1021 days ago

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