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Android Icons – Shape Pack

Android Icons – Shape Pack
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  1. Avatar of Liam McKay
    Liam McKay

    Really awesome set, thanks for sharing.

    1192 days ago
  2. Avatar of Coskun Deniz
    Coskun Deniz

    Thanks :)

    1192 days ago
  3. Avatar of Mikael Keussen
    Mikael Keussen

    Thanks a lot :)

    1191 days ago
  4. Avatar of Cindy

    Beautiful icons!

    1187 days ago
  5. Avatar of Alan Horne
    Alan Horne

    This is excellent, thanks.

    1186 days ago
  6. Avatar of Shaun Moynihan
    Shaun Moynihan

    Nice work Coskun!

    1186 days ago
  7. Avatar of Sean O'Grady
    Sean O\'Grady

    Really useful thanks :D

    1186 days ago
  8. Avatar of Coskun Deniz
    Coskun Deniz

    Thank’s to everyone :)

    1165 days ago
  9. Avatar of Joshua Neumann
    Joshua Neumann

    Great =)

    970 days ago

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