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iPhone 4 GUI (Retina)

iPhone Moo
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  1. Avatar of igobyjared

    Awesome resource Rich! Thanks man!

    1186 days ago
  2. Avatar of Juan Arreguin
    Juan Arreguin

    glad to finally see this come to live! You already know my appreciation for your work, but this is def gonna get ya tons of downloads all over! — great job!

    1185 days ago
  3. Avatar of Jake Rocheleau
    Jake Rocheleau

    Thanks so much for this I’ve been looking everywhere for a good iPhone mockup set. Can’t wait to start wireframing

    1185 days ago
  4. Avatar of Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace

    This is the most comprehensive and accurate iPhone GUI PSD I’ve ever seen!! Kudos on making this so detailed and accurate to the iPhone Retina Display!! WOOT.

    1185 days ago
  5. Avatar of Mikael Keussen
    Mikael Keussen

    Thank you!!!

    1185 days ago
  6. Avatar of Jonny Delap
    Jonny Delap

    Amazing! So Comprehensive!!!

    1185 days ago
  7. Avatar of Joachim


    1185 days ago
  8. Avatar of Shaun Moynihan
    Shaun Moynihan

    I agree with Chris.. this is a life-saver… already used it several times this week!

    1183 days ago
  9. Avatar of Jose E.N
    Jose E.N

    Great work! thanks

    1183 days ago
  10. Avatar of Vin Thomas
    Vin Thomas

    Love this Rich! I’m using it today!

    1161 days ago

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