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Using Photoshop Curves Presets to Get Instagram-like Photos

This screencast shows how to use Photoshop curves presets to add vintage effects to photos and web elements quickly and easily. Pro users can download 26 curves presets that I use for my own photos.

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    > This post contains protected content available only to Pro members.
    great… *facepalm*

    842 days ago
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    iris ke

    how to make a bookmark?

    764 days ago
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    Nice blog

    759 days ago
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    How are you do this i have also use Photoshop but i can do this type.

    742 days ago
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    dinesh sharma

    awesome blog theme

    647 days ago
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    ofcg 90


    its awesome.

    613 days ago
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    Nice tip

    580 days ago
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    Khushnood Ahmed

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    563 days ago
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    539 days ago
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    Isabel Pierce

    Very nice photoshop

    492 days ago
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    Isabel Pierce

    Nice tips on photoshop

    492 days ago
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    421 days ago
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    thank you for sharing this info~

    416 days ago
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    Danish Ali

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    Bella Amore

    Very nice effect, thanks :)

    322 days ago

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