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Creating an Icon in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a quick and easy vector camera icon in Photoshop. This post comes with 99 16px Photoshop vector icons.

To start, open a new Photoshop Document and select the “Rounded Rectangle Tool(RR)” with a 2px radius, and draw a 14px by 9px shape. This will be the body of our camera.











Next, you need to add a view finder. Again, using the 2px Radius RR, draw an 8 x 4 shape in the top center of the camera body.











Next, select the camera shape and select the circle shape tool from the tools menu. While holding down the ALT key, select a 6 x 6 shape over the center for the lens. It’s ok if you don’t center the circle perfectly. Just select the Path Selection Tool from the Toolbar on the left (just under the Type tool) and click on your new circle shape and press the Up, Down, Left, or Right keys to move the shape around. Zoom in to have more granular control over the amount of movement the shape has.











Then fill in the center of the hole with a 4 x 4 circle.











Finally we want to add a button and a bit of shine on the lense. Get a RR 6px radius, and remove a 1px spot in the top left of the lens. For the button, do the same slightly further to the right.











And there you have it, a simple camera icon:

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  1. Avatar of Saurabh Khirwal
    Saurabh Khirwal

    Awesome tutorial…though i wish it would have been more detailed…i really want to learn icon making!!..:(

    990 days ago
  2. Avatar of Badhon Ebrahim
    Badhon Ebrahim

    i want to share tuts too, how do i do it.

    958 days ago
  3. Avatar of alltop

    nice and very informative thanks for sharing

    933 days ago
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  8. Avatar of explainafide

    Nice one Matthew, thanks for this. It shows that it really isn’t difficult to create icons from scratch – sometimes even quicker than trolling through samples to find something close to what you what.

    674 days ago
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